A Humble Lesson

I wanted to say how humbled I am at the people that have come into our circle on this journey of trying to get The Red Suitcase made. I am getting weekly…sometimes daily emails from people who have seen our trailer and reach out to tell me how important a film The Red Suitcase is. Emails from those who can relate to the story and who feel that it is a movie that must be made. It is as if they too have a story that needs to be told;not unlike The Red Suitcase.
As many know Chris and I have been on quite a journey with this film. People have come and gone but we have stayed true to our vision and our conscience. And our friends have stood by us through it all and continued to believe in us. We love them dearly for that.
Speaking to all of the wonderful people who are touched by our story is a constant reminder why Chris and I started this to begin with.
Nothing can replace the beautiful emails we’ve received and conversations we’ve had. Nothing.No award, No praise, No review could replace these connections. It is these moments that keep us honest, keep us on point and remind both of us what path we have chosen to walk.
I could not be more grateful for those that have reached out to us. You have shown us that we have already succeeded. We have already touched people.
Now we just need to make the whole film.
But that will come.
Thank you. I am blessed beyond words!
Happy Holidays to all!

To view our campaign, click below.


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